Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eye Shadow Trio N1

I have had requests to move over some of my old makeup and unfortunately I no longer have those files, I had to rid of the items I didn't move over and silly me didn't bother to make sure I had all the files on my computer. So instead I decided to work on some new makeup and hopefully improved since my last. So alas my two day project is finally finished.  I know it seems silly to work two days on something such as makeup, but it took a while to get this exactly how I wanted. So today I bring you a blended three tone eye shadow.

I have decided to do some fun themed pictures using the eye shadow in different colors rather than just plain pictures. No editing was done to any of the pics, all shots were done in game. I will include the RGB values for them as well. Hope you enjoy!

Comes in both Sims3Pack and .package files.

Sweet Treats

This eye shadow I call Sweet Treats and is made with a blend of purple, pink and blue.

Channel 1:  223 - 102 - 151 
Channel 2:  82 - 31 - 120
Channel 3:  181 - 217 - 255


This eye shadow I call Cosmic and is made with a blend of blues and greens.

Channel 1:  109 - 185 - 139
Channel 2:  0 - 93 - 179
Channel 3:  0 - 157 - 110

Eyebrows on Model by Missbonbon
Eyebrow No. 5

After Dark

This eye shadow I call After Dark and is a blend of deep blues and grey. 

Channel 1:  78 - 78 - 87
 Channel 2:  23 - 23 - 43
Channel 3:  40 - 91 - 120

Hair on model: XM SIMS Hair 033

 Here is a closer look at the eye shadow and the color blends, unfortunately when the eyes are shut the textures look distorted, there is nothing I can do about that :(

CAS Thumbnail


Smirkeh said...


I love your makeup <3

NyGirl said...

Thanks Smirk!!! <3 <3

Juliana said...

I love every detail of this makeup...
I also love the fact that yours are the ones that fit well in my sims face.
Thank you Ny *-*

NyGirl said...

Thank you so much Juliana! <3

MissC said...

I love that makeup ! ♥
I'll certainly use it for my next photoshooting ^^

KosmoKhaos said...

I love your makeup! ◕‿◕ ♡♥

NyGirl said...

Thank you so much MissC and Kosmo, so glad that you like the eyeshadow!! <3

Rob said...

I love these thank you :)
Also I wanna say that I like the fact that you actually show/tell us what the RGB values are in the pictures cause so many times I try to re-create the colors that other creators have made and I wonder the hell can't they just tell us what the dam values are, so thanks for doing that much appreciated :-)

NyGirl said...

I know. I had the same problem when I downloaded makeup, and wondered if anyone else did the same thing, so when I started making it, I decided that I would include the values with what I use in the pictures so that others wouldn't have to try to duplicate them. So glad you enjoyed the eyeshadow! <3

Tegi said...

I love that! And I love the fact that your screenshots are not over photoshopped, so I can be sure that I'll get exactly the same look of your creations) Thank you)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wonder what hair does 'after dark' model have =)

Great job btw =))

NyGirl said...

XM Sims hair 033, sorry forgot to add the link to the hair under the pic but its added now! You can get it here:

And thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love this, thank you. Where did you find the eyebrows for the cosmic model?

NyGirl said...

The eyebrow is by Missbonbon and can be found at GOS here: . And thank you! So glad that you like it!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful eyeshadow I use for my sims. Thank you :) I was wondering if you knew the name of the hair being used by the sim modeling the After Dark shade?

Anonymous said...

The link does not work anymore

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