Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Showtime Dress Edited

This dress is from the singer career at the highest level. While I loved the shape and the look of the dress for the most part I wanted to be able to use in game for a wardrobe item without all the fancy extras. So I have edited and taken away most of the overylays, it is base game compatible and has 2 reolorable areas.

Available for:


EA Version      ///      NyGirl Edit

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irKatty said...

Glad too see you're back <3 xox and this dress is lovely.

NyGirl said...

Thank you so much! Can't take full credit for the dress since it's EA's creation, but I'm more of a less is more girl and wanted to use this as an outfit without all the frills.

Vanity Sims said...

I love your version way better ! Thanks for sharing <33

Daijahv said...

Eww! That was EA's? Who the hell designs their stuff? Are those tasseled shoulder pads????? Looks fringy and nasty!!! Great job on this! Thank you, I'm sure my future singers will be thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Will this replace the EA one?

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