Monday, April 9, 2012

Large Pocket Jean

These jeans I actually took an EA multiplier from an outfit that came with Showtime, I believe. I just really liked the way the jeans looked on the outfit and wanted to make a stand alone pair of jeans with the same texture. So, I blended them with a mesh from a pair of late night jeans, since I really am not a fan of base game jean meshes for men, but have made them base game compatible so no expansions are needed. I did a bit of editing to the original EA multiplier and also added my own denim texture to these as well as fading them slightly in the leg area more. They come in one preset and have 2 recolorable channels. (Jeans and Belt)

Available for:


Comes in both Sims3Pack and .package files.


Jasumi said...

This is very nice, thank you!

Jéssy TT said...

Não consigo baixar veja o porque do erro por favor!!!

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