Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Site.

I was needing a change, and didn't want to close down this site and make my downloads unavailable in order to monkey around with it not knowing how long it would take. Between doing my cleaning at home and getting ready for a possible very big move I have had some extra time at night to finish the blog up and even finish some half done projects to put on it. Was surprised that I was able to get it done much faster then I anticipated. There are several new downloads available on it, but I will not be moving any of the downloads on this site over. It would take far too much time to redo pictures and move everything over I just decided to start fresh. I will be leaving this blog open, and keeping the downloads on it available.

Click HERE to go to the new site. Don't forget to update your bookmark as I will no longer be updating here. Hope to see you all there and that you enjoy the new site!

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