Friday, July 27, 2012

Garden Cottage

Garden Cottage

This is a small and quaint little cottage with living area on top floor and bedrooms in the basement. Backyard has garden for those sims who enjoy living a sustainable life. No third party CC is used in this lot. Please keep in mind if you do not have all the EP or items from the store, the game will replace those items with proxies.

Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1.5
Levels: 2
Lot Size: 15X10
EP's: All
SP's: None

Store Items used:

Front and rear shots of house:


Living Room:

Powder Room:

First Floor Layout:

Master Bedroom:

2nd Bedroom:

Full Bath:

Basement Layout:

 I have uploaded this as a furnished, for those who really don't want to have to decorate. Fully furnished this cottage will cost around 50,100. I have also uploaded it as a shell for those of you who enjoy to decorate your own homes but hate having to empty it out. The unfurnished shell will run your sims about 20,000. Pics of the shell below.



Andy Wursterberger said...

Adorable cottage, very charming. Thank you.

FurryJackal said...

Pretty little cotage! Thank you! My sims will enjoy it!

Rose said...

D'aw looks like it could be Kira and Aedan's cottage...Or wait was that the point? :P Tehe well either way it's very cute <3

NyGirl said...

Thanks everyone. And Rose....LOL sorry can't say that it crossed my mind, might be a bit small for them, need more room to break the pipes...might flood more than just the kitchen! ;)

dwarf1010 said...

Thank you so much this is really beautiful.

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