Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lace and Accessory Tank Set 2

This is the second set in the mix and match lace and tank set. So in this second part we have 3 different types of see through off the shoulder lace tops, they are the same as the first set only the back is open with a fray detailing and it comes with a second set of 3 different accessory tanks. Each has 1 recolorable channel. Tanks and tops are made combining a mixture of edited EA textures.
Available for:
Comes in both Sims3Pack and package files.

 A closer look at the lace tops. I have also included both a long sleeve and a short sleeve top for them just as I did with the first set.

There are three different style fitted tanks to mix and match with as well. These are different from the first set and are also available as accessories under both the sock and glove categories. I have also included a bonus file just as I did with the first tank set that are found in the clothing section as well. 
Regular tanks and Lace shirts are YA/A ONLY. Accessory tanks are Teen-YA/A



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