Sunday, October 28, 2012

Glitter Top Ruched Dress

Here we have a fun and flirty ruched waist dress. Features a glitter top and and flowing style skirt. It is a mixture of EA textures and meshes. Comes in presets shown and has 3 recolorable channels.

Available for:


Comes in both Sims3Pack and .package files.

Color Channels. (Red, Yellow and Magenta. White is overlay and is not recolorable.)


TheScribbler said...

I love your clothes to bits but could you please start making the correct morphs perhaps? My slim and cuddly sims are feeling neglected );

NyGirl said...

Thank you! And I have noticed this problem with clothing I have edited that have come from the Sims Store and have stopped working with those files. As for the rest, I have tested them in game, checking them both with slim and heavier Sims and I have seen no problems with them.

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